Cavani Quartet | Collage: Music & Poetry
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Collage: Music & Poetry

Collage: Music & Poetry
is a unique collaboration between the Cavani Quartet and poet Mwatabu Okantah.First conceived to introduce classical music and contemporary poetry to Cleveland area high school students, “Collage” takes the audience on an electrifying journey through poetry woven in and around music. Having garnered rave reviews, the program has become widely popular at universities and schools around the country. “Collage” has also been a feature presentation at Merkin Concert Hall and the National Chamber Music America Conference in New York City.

M. A. P. Program: Music, Art, & Poetry; Traveling Through the Arts
is a program designed to provide the opportunity for children to interpret music through visual art and poetry.Program Goals:

  • To give every child the opportunity to create art through musical inspiration.
  • To foster awarenes of the power of words, colors, and shapes as a form of self-expression and a way to relate to the world.
  • To foster relationship between artists, teachers, and students.
  • To offer every child the opportunity to perform and interact with the Cavanai String Quartet.

You can download the M.A.P. Description PDF here.

The Beethoven & Brotherhood Project
The Cavani String Quartet offered sixteen performances in neighborhood libraries to celebrate the music and message of Beethoven. The Beethoven & Brotherhood Project combines the live music experience with what the sanctuary of a library offers: knowledge, freedom, inspiration, and creative energy.The music of Ludwig van Beethoven has a message of hope for all and transcends boundaries of class, race, gender, religion and age. In the past century, Beethoven’s works have become synonymous with brotherhood and humanity. The sixteen complete string quartets are a biographical view into the evolution of Beethoven’s creative life, and provide both performer and listener a glimpse into the mind of this musical genius. These profound works offer peace and solace, and are an ideal expression of freedom of thought, emotion and communication.Each concert consisted of one entire string quartet surrounded by commentary from quartet members – a format that fostered and encouraged audience participation and interaction with the quartet.You can download the Beethoven & Brotherhood postcard for more information.
Chamberfest is an adult amateur chamber music workshop which brings together non-professional musicians in the community to share in the process of studying repertoire, coaching intensively with members of the Cavani String Quartet, participating in a master class, and performing in a recital setting. Participants experience a unique opportunity to cultivate mastery of their instruments and to develop tools of expression and communication in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Informances are informal concerts for all ages presenting selections of traditional quartet repertoire along with commentary from the Quartet. These 30 – 40 minute programs promote interest in full length public concerts and bring live music to those otherwise unable to come to the concert hall. The Cavani Quartet has offered “Informances” for schools, service clubs, retirement centers, hospitals, correctional institutions and countless other community organizations.

Master Classes, Workshops and Seminars consist of coaching and instruction for ensembles and individual students of all levels.Covering a wide range of topics, these presentations are designed for universities, schools, special events and conferences.