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From Peter Salaff, Director of String Chamber Music at The Cleveland Institute of Music, and former member of The Cleveland Quartet:


“As ambassadors for classical music in our community, the Cavani Quartet, is second to none.  The Quartet, as individuals or together, are wonderful teachers, artists and performers. They are outstanding human beings — are extremely supportive colleagues and are great role models for their students.  They are so passionate about music and what it can bring to people of any age or background. As teachers and performers, I have found that they practice what they preach. The way they engage young audiences through fun and exciting games, bringing the composers and music to life— makes their programming totally accessible on all levels.”

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From Roger Klein, Rabbi at The Temple Tifereth Israel:


I still have the Haydn and Mozart ringing in my ears from yesterday’s wonderful afternoon of music and conversation.  The four of you bring something very rare to your audiences: aside from your extraordinary musicianship, the enthusiasm, sense of humor, insight and passion that you all possess, plus your rare ability to communicate with the audience on a number of levels, make your presentations memorable experiences.  And I love that each of you had a chance to speak, thereby enriching the afternoon with your distinctive personalities.  I sure do hope that we can make this an annual event at The Temple.


At your convenience, will you please send me the name and author of the book you had with you yesterday … the one with the word “jest” in the title.  And I noticed a couple of other books on the floor; can you send me info on them too.


Once again, thanks so much for your commitment to, and your passion for, the wonderful world of music that you open up for us.  And please thank Mari, Merry and Kirsten for me, as well.



Roger Klein, Rabbi Temple -Tifereth Israel
Beachwood ,Ohio”